31 Mar

Solid fabric makes good slipcovers too…..



28 Mar

It is one of my passions in life to work on decoration projects, specially curtains…

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22 Mar

Pillows, pillows, pillows.
They should be everywhere.
They can be of all sizes and formats.
They can be happy and fun or serious and sophisticated.
They are like cherries on top of the ice cream, ¬†adding that special final touch…

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21 Mar

This is a slipcover that gave me much pleasure to do. The design of the fabric allowed me countless opportunities for creation. The result is a large decorative panel, which fits very well with the sofa, making the whole room looks comfortable,cozy and  inviting


Wing Chair

20 Mar

I am particularly proud of this project. The pattern of this fabric allowed me to create depth and fullness. The result is a beautiful chair.



20 Mar

The intent of this blog is to show and comment about each of my works.

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